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UCB and Accenture Collaborate to Accelerate Data Processing

Accenture and UCB, a global biopharmaceutical company, have collaborated to build a safety solution based on Accenture’s INTIENT Pharmacovigilance to accelerate processing of individual patient safety case reports. “Accenture INTIENT Pharmacovigilance will help us rapidly process data to identify potential events or issues, while reducing the time and cost needed to deliver a higher level of patient safety. Accenture’s INTIENT Pharmacovigilance leverages artificial intelligence to collect, manage and learn from UCB’s structured and unstructured source data within pharmacovigilance, which monitors the effects of drugs during clinical trials and after they have been cleared by regulators for use. An Accenture Life Sciences operations team is managing case processing augmented by the platform for UCB, allowing UCB’s case processing team to focus on value-add activities such as medical assessment and targeted follow up, helping them uncover insights into emerging trends, potential compliance issues and adverse events.

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