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Uber Freight Introduces Facility Ratings Feature

Today, Uber Freight is bringing that same transformative power to the trucking industry with the introduction of Facility Ratings,” Uber Freight announced in a blog post. While we tend to think of truck drivers on the road, the fact is they spend nearly as much time at the facilities where they go to pick up and drop off shipments, often even spending the night at these facilities. In fact, according to a survey of 150 trucking companies in 2018, 80 percent of carrier respondents refused to take loads from facilities for reasons including inflexible appointment hours and lengthy detention times, which the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) estimates costs truckers a total of $1.1 to $1.3 billion in earnings each year. Uber Freight hopes its Facility Ratings feature will help change this by allowing drivers to “share their experiences with those who have the power to improve it.”. The data that Uber Freight is providing with Facility Ratings in their platform is a great validator for making improvements to our operations, whether that means reorganizing personnel shifts or even moving to a bigger facility,” says Robert Fisher, Nestle North America Procurement.

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