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DJI's library supports distance learning system

Dubai, UAE: Within the framework of proactive steps taken by the UAE government to overcome the consequences of the global spread of COVID - 19, and in line with the efforts made to manage the crisis in order to provide the highest standards of public safety, including educational cadres, school students, and higher education institutions, the UAE government launched the distance learning system. Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) provides researchers with an important tool to continue their educational achievement through its library, which is one of the most important specialised legal libraries in the country. Moreover, we renewed the borrowing system in line with emergency conditions and to continue to provide and feed the system with new informative data via books and legal periodicals, making it accessible to interested parties and researchers. This helps achieve some of the library’s most prominent objectives, including spreading legal and judicial knowledge, supporting scientific research, and reinforcing DJI’s strategic goals in preparing and qualifying citizens and specialists.

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