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What to Watch: European chip supplier Apple deal, Coca-Cola and Costa, and BMW

Here’s an overview of some key companies and political developments that the Yahoo Finance UK team is monitoring today in Europe:. Shares in German-listed but UK-headquartered Dialog Semiconductor (DLG.F) has been rocketing in trading on Thursday after tech behemoth Apple (AAPL) agreed to buy a portion of the chip maker’s business in a $600 million deal. For 10 years, Apple has used Dialog power management chips to help its devices manage battery life. Around $300 million of that deal will be delivered in cash for the Dialog engineers and offices while the remainder will be a pre-payment to Dialog for supplying chips over the next three years. As part of the deal, Apple will snap up patents a team of 300 engineers, which mostly work across Dialog offices in Britain, Italy, and Germany. Coca-Cola (KO) just got the green light from investors to buy the UK coffee chain Costa for $5.1bn (£3.9bn).

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