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The CBS and Viacom Merger Is Just the Start

After years of flirting with a merger, CBS(NYSE: CBS) and Viacom(NASDAQ: VIAB) have finally agreed to come back together after 13 years apart. If successfully completed, the merger will be a major step forward for the two relatively small media companies and Shari Redstone, president of National Amusements, which owns both companies. The media landscape has changed a lot in the last 13 years as U.S. pay-TV subscribers peaked with the rise of direct-to-consumer streaming services like Netflix(NASDAQ: NFLX). Ianniello is expected to stay on as CEO of CBS Networks, which doesn't include Showtime premium cable network or its Simon & Schuster publishing arm. As a television media company, Viacom produces content targeted at a complementary audience to CBS. CBS has historically been hard-nosed when it comes to negotiating the rates it charges pay-TV companies to carry its channel, and that power only gets amplified when Viacom's networks join the party.

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The CBS and Viacom Merger Is Just the Start

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