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UK Conservatives ramp up Facebook election ads

LONDON, Dec 2 (Reuters) - Britain's governing Conservative Party has ramped up its campaigning efforts on social media platform Facebook with a surge of ads highlighting policy areas to younger voters. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives have raised record campaign funds before the Dec. 12 election, but until this point have spent comparatively little on Facebook advertising. However, on Monday there were 910 Conservative ads listed as having been "active" over the last day, with most seen mainly by voters in the 25-34 age bracket. The party had spent 37,653 pounds ($48,310) on Facebook ads in the week up to Nov. 30, but details of how much it spent since Saturday were not immediately available. Vote Leave was fined by the regulator for breaking spending limits during the campaign, and the Canadian data firm it worked with on Facebook adverts also broke privacy laws, the report of an official probe into the matter found last week.

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