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Alibaba’s Joe Tsai on U.S.-China trade talks: We're 'on the right side of all the issues'

Alibaba (BABA), the business empire built on China’s digitalization and fast-growth consumer markets, is trying to persuade investors it could benefit from the ongoing U.S.-China trade negotiations. He emphasized Alibaba’s role in connecting Chinese consumers with more foreign foods and speeding up the structural reform of the world’s second largest economy, as well as its efforts to deepen intellectual property protection. Alibaba said it’s “on the right side of all these issues” and could benefit from any U.S.-China trade agreement that is made, including China buying more U.S. goods, protecting IP and further opening up its economy. Tsai said trade negotiations with the U.S. could lead China to further open its market to foreign businesses, bringing in more options for consumers on Alibaba’s platforms.

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