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New Look AVA Scottish regional meeting at AG BARR factory a success

David Llewellyn our new CEO of the AVA reports on its first, and Scottish, regional meeting under the new regime. ‘With 32 attendees – which included 19 from operating companies – this was a record Operator turnout at any AVA Regional Meeting – ever! Those who attended had the opportunity to find out more about the AG Barr Brands of Rubicon, Strathmore Water and, of course IRN BRU. Mark Braid from Myrtle Coffee Services Limited said: “It was really good to see so many Scottish Operators at yesterday’s meeting, I think it demonstrates our commitment to the industry and to the AVA, the new meeting format was enjoyable, I look forward to seeing what the new invigorated AVA can do for the members, it seems to be off to a good start.”.

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