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Should Netflix Worry About Rising Threat From Apple, Disney?

Moreover, apart from AT&T’s T HBO Now and Hulu, none of the other streaming services from legacy media companies, have been able to match Netflix’s footprint, in terms of content as well as marketing.However, the streaming market is now expected to face a major disruption with upcoming services from Disney DIS and Apple AAPL. While the media behemoth with its brand name and vast library is Netflix’s closest competitor, Apple’s huge cash reserves and strong leadership team are a few aspects to look out for.Innovative Strategies Help Netflix to DominateNetflix is taking a number of unique and essential steps to set it apart from its peers. The move apart from boosting user engagement helped the company get detailed insights into consumer behavior patterns, which can be put to use to steer its upcoming content.Additionally, Netflix has big plans for international markets like Germany, Spain, France and India, which have ample room for growth compared with the maturing U.S. and U.K. markets. Notably, international revenues soared 35.8% year over year to $2.11 billion owing to heavy investments in local content.This apart, Netflix is increasing theatrical releases of its films to avoid criticism during Academy awards nominations and gain more exposure for its content.Disney Wages Price & Content WarDisney has a bigger content package that it will offer at a lower price. The company has three separate streaming services — ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu — based on user content choices.Disney+, which is expected to be launched by the end of the calendar year, will leverage Disney’s existing IP along with investments in original content.

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