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Entergy Corporation Inducted in Corporate Citizenship Hall of Fame by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

"Entergy has a long legacy of committing itself to creating healthy, vibrant communities through volunteer service, philanthropy and advocacy," said Mike Twomey, Entergy's senior vice president, federal policy, regulatory and government affairs. The Hall of Fame recognizes companies and their leaders, employees, and cross-sector partners who have made extraordinary contributions for the betterment of society and brought about a new era where purpose is the foundation for progress. "Their continued social and environmental impact around the world shows exactly why they deserve a place in the inaugural Corporate Citizenship Hall of Fame." For more than 100 years, Entergy has powered life across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas communities through strategic philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center is a leading resource for businesses dedicated to making a difference. For nearly 20 years, our programs, events, research, and relationships with key NGO and governments have helped businesses make the world a better place.

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