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Cisco and Amazon have a new cloud service that should frustrate Google and annoy VMware (CSCO, AMZN)

Cisco and Amazon Web Services have announced a new cloud product that enterprises will likely love. But it should cause some heartburn for AWS's competitor Google Cloud. And it will likely frustrate Cisco's competitor VMware, too. Cisco's product, known with the tongue-twister name of "Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS " will allow companies to easily move their cloud apps between their own data centers and AWS. Cisco is one of those companies that could have been another IBM — a victim of the rise of cloud computing, in which companies don't need to buy servers, storage and networks to run their apps, renting it all from the cloud provider. But under CEO Chuck Robbins, Cisco is offering more and more cloud products, getting in on the recurring software revenues that cloud services provide. Cisco has been selling networking software that does many of the functions of a hardware router on AWS for a few years now. But, a year ago, Cisco partnered with Google to create network software for Google Cloud.

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